Swiss Chocolates - Caveat Emptor


I made the mistake of purchasing a Groupon for this company back in November of 2012. I finally used it in January of this year (2013). I received an email from the company in February informing me that the production had been temporarily halted as the company was moving, and that the filling of orders would resume within two

weeks. In April, I contacted the company to inform them that I had not received my order and to inquire as to when I could expect it. I did not receive a response, so I sent another email a week or so later. It is now May and I have yet to receive a response.

I guess I should've known something was "off" with this company when my internet security browser would block immediate access to the site listing it as a "security concern"--something you wouldn't expect from a reputable company. In addition, the website does not provide a mailing address or phone number to contact them, so you're pretty much stuck with hoping that they respond to the emails you send them through their site. Fortunately, the bulk of the money I spent purchasing items from this company was covered by my Groupon. I am hoping that Groupon will refund the cost of the groupon I purchased--the rest I'll just have to chalk up to experience and make sure to warn others about buying from this company.

Swiss Chocolates - Intoxicated Chocolates Rip-Off

Crestwood, Kentucky 5 comments
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I ordered liquor-filled chocolates from this vendor, described as the finest imported Swiss Chocolates, filled with your choice of liquors or liqueurs.Pictured on the website as beautifully finished and formed chocolate - a lovely, special gift.

However, what was actually sent was nasty-looking little brown balls rolling around in cheap, partitioned boxes, just too unpleasant looking to want to even open, much less eat, and much too embarrassing to give as a gift. Total cost $43.95,including shipping, after applying a $21.00 discount. So, theoretically a $64.95 value for 24 of these revolting blobs, around $2.60 apiece. They'd been shipped in a much larger box than needed, so the shipping was twice what it needed to be, as well.

When I emailed for a refund and a return label, I was at first ignored, then on Jan. 1 they agreed to refund, but have not done so in 20 days,nor have they sent a return label, nor will they reply to my queries.




I also placed an order several months and never received it.At one point, I was told they had been flooded and have to move operations.

I was patient and waited to hear from them, checking the website periodically for status on the order. At some point, I reached out again and received no response. It's been 8 months now and PayPal will not help and I'm stuck having given them money for nothing. I wish I had known about this scam before I wasted my money.

There is nothing worse than a scam artist.Word to the wise: do not look to PayPal for any consumer protection.

Naples, Florida, United States #627030

I ordered the merlot infused chocolates for my mother for a pre-Christmas gift.They were never delivered.

I've tried to contact the company but no response to a phone call or email. I also contacted the Better Business Bureau and filed a complaint against them.

Since they never responded to the BBB, I was told nothing could be done.SCAM.


I placed an order last month.Now the website is down claiming that their change in ownership and a move is to blame.

They will not give a shipping eta. I cancelled via email.

They will take your money and then not ship anything!SCAM!

Monterey, California, United States #601463

I agree with the above.Jeffrey Rogers does not answer phone calls or e-mail messages.

I tried contacting him for over 2 months with no prevail.

Had to contact Groupon and Paypal for a refund, didnt respond to their attempts either.Intoxicated Chocolates is a joke, think twice before wasting your money and time

New York, New York, United States #599021

I agree with pissed off consumer.Jeffrey Rogers does not answer phone calls or messages.

It has been two weeks and I have not received any chocolates.Intoxicated Chocolates is a scam!

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